November 15, 2013


CODCON Merchandise!

CODCON D6 Dice        Only $1.00 each!

CODCON Dice Bags!   Only $3.00 each!

CODCON Drawstring Tote Bags!  Only $3.00 each!

CODCON Vintage T-Shirts     Only $1.00 each!

(Limited selections of sizes)


Buy one of each of the items above for only $5 (while supplies last)

4 thoughts on “Merchandise

  • I’ll need to check our inventory on shirts (they’re all from previous cons), but we may well have at least one medium. WE take all monies on site; if you’ve pre-registered, we’ll have your badge waiting for you. I’ll save this message and have your Swag Slam waiting for you at the Merchandise Table as well. See you in April!

  • I’ll have to check our inventory–XL is a pretty popular size. If we have one, I’ll definitely let you know! Just to remind you, our shirts are from previous cons; no new shirts for this year.

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