March 30, 2017

Event Locations

CODCON is located the Student Services Center:

Cold Iron Conventions D&D Role-Playing Events: Student Services Center Atrium

Additional RPG Events: Student Services Center Room 1200 (Student Lounge)

Tabletop Events: Berg Instructional Center Rooms 1435 and 1437

Vendor Hall: Student Services Center 2100

Video Game Room: Student Services Center (SSC) 3245

CosPlay Maid Cafe: Starbucks Lounge (near Student Services Center Atrium)

Catan National Qualifying Tournament: Berg Instructional Center Rooms 1425 and 1429

Fantasy Revolutions LARP Dueling: Berg Instructional Center 1415 

Artists’ and Authors’ Alley:  SRC 2000 Lobby

CosPlay Masquerade: Student Services Center Hallway (Near Room 1200)

Dan the Bard: SRC 1200 Lobby

Silent Auction: SRC 2000 Lobby

AMTGARD LARP Event: Outside SSC 1200


Click here for floor maps:

Berg Instructional Center and Student Services Center: