April 1, 2015

Artists’ and Authors’ Alley

We’ll be accepting applications for our Artist and Author Alleys beginning in September, 2019; watch for our updated Artist Agreement Form.

Artists & Authors who Appeared at CODCON XXIV:

  • Morgan Fertig: Fantasy artwork; go to theartofmomo.tumblr.com
  • Angel Blake’s Home Grown Jewelry: Handmade jewelry and other items
  • Dennis Bartizal: Author
  • Raffael Coronelli: Books, art displays
  • Dzhelasi: Fan art, stickers, buttons, ‘zines, and more
  • Leigh Hellman: Author, Orbit; pins, bookmarks, etc.
  • Lori Kirchheimer: YA Fantasy Fiction Author (Secrets in the Mystic Woods and Journey through Darkness)
  • Lia LaPat: Wooden wizard wands, shield wall hangs, dragon eggs, soap items
  • Lauren Masterson: Art books, art prints, canvas artwork
  • Hugo Negron: Author, Forging of a Knight
  • Owl Post Greetings: Handmade greeting cards, decals, bookmarks, book bags, etc.  Go to owlpostgreeting.com.
  • Bree Strom: Hand-crafted artwork