October 7, 2013

Contact Us

If you have any concerns, questions, or recommendations about the convention, please contact:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Allen
Office Phone Number: (630) 942-3421
E-mail Address: Allenj@cod.edu (E-mails sent to him must contain “CODCON” at the beginning of the Subject Line.)

Mailing Address:

CODCON, c/o James Allen

College of DuPage

425 Fawell Blvd.

Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137-6599


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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Hi Codcon,
    Would it be okay if I brought my prototype game Disaster Rally and setup on a table hoping for playtesters to give it a try and provide feedback? Please let me know, thanks,

  • Hi Everyone,
    Are you running any RPGs at codcon this year? The link to cold iron conventions has not been updated since 2019.
    It would be nice if you were not using them they are a ripoff.

  • We will be having Cold Iron Conventions running our Adventure League RPGs; we hope to have an updated link to their schedule of events up this week. We’ll have other rpgs running as well.

  • I just pre-registered and purchased 2 tickets for next Saturday’s 4/9 CODCON. However, I did not receive a confirmation email indicating payment was received and what I need to provide at next week’s event. Can you please advise.

  • Since you pre-registered before the deadline, you’ll get the discount rate, even if you pay at the door! At this time, though, we’re no longer accepting advanced payments.

  • This is the first year we’re using this system, set up by our college’s Student Life office. We only found out after starting to use it that this system doesn’t send confirmation messages. You should, however, be able to check your bank or credit card account to confirm payment. We’ll be receiving a report from Student Life on Monday indicating everyone who pre-paid so we can mark attendees’ badges as “PAID”. You may want to bring a copy of your bank/card statement to the con showing your payment, just to be able to show at the Registration Desk (we won’t ask to keep it, for your security).

    Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience!

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