Shadows: Heroes & Monsters Card Game (LEARN & PLAY)

Shadows: Heroes & Monsters Card Game (LEARN & PLAY)


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


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Shadows: Heroes & Monsters is a thrilling competitive PvPvE Card Game.

If you’re a card enthusiast like myself, you’re more than welcome to join in!

And of course, all card gamers are welcome too!

We’ll be diving into Shadows: Heroes & Monsters, along with a sneak peek of the Expansion prototype.


Shadows: Heroes & Monsters is a competitive Hybrid Collectible Card Game for two to three players, set in a fantasy world where a portal brings together different ages, technologies, items, magic, and species in a fierce battle for riches and glory! Each player takes control of a hero, each with their agenda, to hunt monsters and battle other player’s heroes. If a player plays their cards well, their hero will gain experience and gold, empowering their abilities and earning more of the powerful Shadow Stones. Whoever earns the most Stones wins!

Here are some videos that will help you better understand the game.

3 Tips Before You Start:

Playthrough Video:

The Full Tutorial Video:


Bookings are closed for this event.