Fading Realms

Fading Realms


7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


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  • “Fading Realms” is a captivating cooperative board game that plunges players into a magical kingdom on the brink of losing its mythical creatures to the shadows of disbelief. As modernity encroaches, the children of the realms unite, embarking on a quest across varied realms to rescue these beings before they vanish forever.

3-5 players. 90 to 150 mins. Ages 14+

This game challenges teams to strategically navigate enchanted landscapes, manage resources wisely, and leverage unique character abilities to convince or capture mythical creatures. With an emphasis o strategic planning, cooperative decision-making, and risk management, “Fading Realms” offers an immersive experience that blends fantasy adventure with deep tactical gameplay. Players must work together to overcome evolving challenges, using a mix of strategy, resourcefulness, and quick thinking to ensure the survival of magic.

“Fading Realms” promises thrilling adventures and strategic depth, making it a perfect addition ot any game night6 seeking a blend of cooperation, strategy, and mythical lore.

Don’t Stop Believing!


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