Dungeon Crawl Classics – The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen by Marzio Muscedere


9:00 am – 1:00 pm


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The Queen’s Onyx Jubilee is set to begin, marking the 95th year of the merciful monarch’s glorious reign. You join the masses of the realm celebrating the good fortune of their long-lived sovereign with raucous merriment. The benevolent beauty’s health brings joy to her beloved subjects; drink hearty, my friends!… Until you wake, your surroundings dank, dark and smelling of the roots of decay…

A 0-level Dungeon Crawl Classics Character Funnel, no experience necessary, funky dice and characters provided… Come and get your DCC Swag! Check out the free Crawler’s Companion at https://purplesorcerer.com for your funky dice rolls, base rules reference and criticals/fumbles reference! Start your new life of adventure, Crawler!


Bookings are closed for this event.