Chroma Mix


1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


Bookings closed

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It is time to mix some colors! Each turn, a player plays a card from their hand and resolves its effects. These cards remain in the play area until they are picked up via a “Refill” action. Players may play the Mix card to take 2 colors in their hand and mix them together to make one of the available colors in the market rows.

Colors are mixed according to their pigment values in the CMYK color system. For example, Soft Cyan (1,0,0) + Light Yellow (0,0,1) = Jungle (1,0,1). This is the main way to upgrade cards into stronger ones. The game has 3 win conditions: Having 17+ Victory Points, Mixing all 3 Rank IV cards, and having 17+ cards in hand while the correct card is in play.

Chroma Mix is an economic action retrieval game for 1-4 players in a deck of just 85 cards. Turns are rapid, but the decisions are agonizing.


Bookings are closed for this event.