Don’t Miss the Fun!

Just think: this time, two months from now, you could be enjoying music from Dan the Bard, fending off alien attackers in the interactive Artemis simulation game, establishing your dominance in a Smash Bros. tourney (run by an actual rep from Nintendo), plunging down the rabbit hole in the Fantasy Revolutions dungeon, backstabbing your friends in the Uber Epic Munchkin tournament, buying baked goods from the CosPlay Maid Cafe, competing in a Grand Prix Trial Modern MTG event, checking out the cool vendors, or taking part in any other games and fun we’ll have to offer this year at CODCON XXI. Don’t miss out–pre-register TODAY! You’ll be glad you did!


Only TWO MORE MONTHS until we open the doors for this year’s CODCON! But what’s a con without games to play? We’re now accepting events–if there’s a game you’d like to run, login or register, then go to the “Events” tab, pull down the menu, and click “Register Events”. Follow the directions from there! IT’S THAT EASY!