A big thank you to everyone who attended and helped make CODCON XXI a success: the vendors, GMs, artists, CosPlayers, Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming staff, and most of all, the players! We hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!

We look forward to seeing all of you back next April for CODCON XXII!

White Rabbit Treasure Hunt

Almost There!

TOMORROW’S THE BIG DAY!!!  Food, vendors, artists, cosplayers, a treasure hunt, and, of course, plenty of games of all types for all ages!  All for only $5 a day!  What could be better?

Doors open at 6 PM–don’t miss a moment of it!

Four Days to Go!

Four Days to Go!

Only four more days until you get to enjoy the Concentric Board Game Library, the Artemis Interactive Starship Simulator, the Uber Epic Munchkin Tournament, Dan the Bard, and so much more!  Don’t miss the fun–C’mon Down!

Five Days Left

We’re Getting Closer!

In only five more days, we open the doors on CODCON XXI!  We’ve got dozens and dozens of games, a treasure hunt, a fantasy dungeon, a Magic tournament, a CosPlay Maid Cafe, and much, much more–all we need is YOU!  Jump down the rabbit hole with us for a weekend of fun!

Artemis Starship Simulator

Artemis Needs YOU!

Ever dream of being on a starship? Or better yet, being the Captain tasked with a mission to eradicate all hostiles in a system? Well, now’s your chance! In this interactive hour long session you’ll have the opportunity to take on one of 6 roles to vanquish the enemy force.

  • Will you be the Helmsman, who does daring maneuvers to give weapons the best chance to take out the enemy?
  • Will you be the weapons engineer who has the power to FIRE PHASERS! LOOSE THE TORPEDOES! or, if you are feeling outgunned, FIRE THE NUKE! all with just a press of a button?
  • Will you be the science officer who is the intelligence center for the whole operation, giving critical Intel to all their crew?
  • Will you be the engineer who makes sure all systems run at peak efficiency while repairing the damage from the nuke weapons just launched at the enemy right next to you?
  • Will you be the Comms officer who will insult the enemy to anger them or demand their surrender?
  • Or will you be the captain, flying this dingy with nothing but a wing and prayer?

Come join this Audio Visual interactive experience!



Who’s Up for a Board Game?

If that’s you (and really, who doesn’t love a good board game?), then you HAVE to check out (pun intended) the Concentric Board Game Library!  Play an old favorite or learn a new game. Choose from over 250 titles both old and new in one of the largest travelling convention libraries in the country. All it takes is a valid driver’s license or ID to borrow a game. Library hours are from 5 PM Friday to 11 PM Friday, 9 AM Saturday to 11 PM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday to 3 PM Sunday.