The Wedding Banquet (Honour: The Awakening playtest)


Date(s) - 04/13/19
11:30 am - 4:30 pm


You’ve been hired by Mr. Chen to set up an office in Hong Kong. There were a lot of nondisclosure forms involved, and it’s unclear whether Chen’s group, “SOpA,” is a corporation or a government agency. The office you’ve been setting up has an armory attached, though, and you were putting together with high-end computers and some technology that you don’t even recognize.

Now, Chen has called the office set up team into his office, and explained that you were scouted out and hired as fresh-face agents for his new group, the Special Operations Agency.

“There is a large society wedding this weekend, the main event is on Saturday. . . . The bride is Jane Ma, the daughter of police Chief Superintendent Ma and the groom is Danny
Pang Dong-man, the Cantopop star. We’ve been asked by the Superintendent to provide extra security. Word on the street is that something is going to go down, but no reliable details have been pinned down.

We will need to check out the venue beforehand and monitor activities during the reception. Our priority will be to keep the VIPs from any danger and try to minimize any disruption to the event. Any questions?”


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