Pathfinder Society: Pathfinder 2e RPG – Quest 5: The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day (3rd-6th level Characters)


Date(s) - 04/03/20
8:30 pm - 9:45 pm


GM: Joe Kirner

A Pathfinder Society Quest designed for levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). This quest will typically take about 1 hour to play.

You can create your own character created using the organized play rules found at or select a pregenerated character from the 3rd or 5th level options we will have available.

The sage Ameopheus has a long history with the Pathfinder Society and he has called upon his allies to assist with an unusual task: tracking down a missing supply of wands and fireworks intended for use in the city of Sothis’s annual Evoking Day celebration! The PCs will have to investigate a crowded city and track down the missing pyrotechnics, but the current owner of the explosive ordnance might not be so willing to simply turn it over.

Written by Luis Loza.

Scenario tags: None


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