Overwatch 3v3 Tournament


Date(s) - 04/14/19
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Greetings Overwatch fans! We will be running an Overwatch Tournament at Codcon this year.  It is free to enter.  Prizes will be awarded.

Sign up here. 


Games will be played on PC, but you can use your console controllers if you play on console.  You will need to provide your own account for the game.


Matches are best of 3, with each game being first to 3. Tournament is double elimination. Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals are best of 5.


Match Rules


Rule set: Competitive

Game Style: Lookout Elimination

High bandwidth: On

Map rotation: Single map

Return to lobby: After a game

The higher seed starts the map veto

Hero selection limit: 1 per team

All heroes are currently allowed

Disable kill cam: On


Game rules


Hero Options


Hero selection limit: 1 per team

All heroes are currently allowed

Role selection limit: None

Allow Hero Switching: On

Respawn as random hero: Off



All heroes are to be set as “on” unless otherwise instructed.

Gameplay Options


High bandwidth: On

Control game mode format: Best of 5

Health modifier: 100%

Damage modifier: 100%

Healing modifier: 100%

Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%

Respawn time modifier: 100%

Ability cooldown modifier: 100%

Disable skins: Off

Disable health bars: Off

Disable kill cam: On

Disable kill feed: Off

Headshots only: Off