Mage Wars: Arena, Domination and Academy games and demos


Date(s) - 04/09/16
2:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Come and experience Mage Wars!  Open to all–from the curious to the veteran!

All three game modes will be available to demo or play:

  1. Mage Wars: Arena — the classic customizable strategy game of dueling mages!  The Etherian Mage Wars Concord has decreed that all inter-nation conflict must be resolved between two champion mages in an arena match to the death.  Will you command a squadron of holy knights or summon the Lord of Fire himself?  Will your pet grizzly maul your opponent or will you teleport your unsuspecting foe into the hydra’s den?  Test your mettle or get some tutelage!
  2. Mage Wars: Domination — Point control, Wizard style!  Take your favorite Arena mage and vie for dominance in the realm of Voltari.  Control enough V’Tar orbs for long enough while denying access to your opponent or brutally destroy them before they can acquire enough V’Tar!
  3. Mage Wars: Academy — Learn the ways of magic as you practice to become your nation’s next Arena Champion.  Summon beasts and aberrations and practice aiming lightning all from your fully customizable Spellbook.