Last Night on Earth


Date(s) - 04/09/16
4:45 pm - 9:30 pm


So you’ve survived previous installments? You’ve taken on regular zombies. You’ve taken on zombies with grave weapons. You’ve fought tooth and nail with radioactive zombies. You’ve even taken out the big bad zombie with a chainsaw. But.. now the game is going to be taken to an all new level…

It’s Survivors vs. Zombies vs.. ALIENS!!!!

Yes, that’s right–the other board game made by the company Invasion From Outer Space is also a secret expansion set to the board game!!! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the humans will have a new ally: a Russian Dancing Circus Bear!!!

Do you want to see a Russian Circus Bear, a priest who kicks arse for the lord, a nurse, a jock, a drifter, a convict, the law, FBI, a grocery bagger named Kenny, and others fight zombies PLUS now aliens?

Of course you do.


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