LARP Gauntlet by Fantasy Revolutions


Date(s) - 04/08/22
All Day


Fantasy Revolutions is a Steam Punk and high fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Play) featuring light combat, Nerf® guns, and traditional role playing elements. Our gauntlet allows you to get a taste of the fighting style and gameplay without requiring any prior experience in LARPing. If you enjoy RPGs and cosplay, then our game is for you! Come on over and give us a try!

This year, the elusive Master Briggs is recruiting Adventurers to assist in completing a ritual. This ritual is risky, but is designed to bring relief to the nearby village suffering from both famine and raids. Master Briggs is renowned for their skills in the Arcane arts, and said that any Adventurers brave enough to accept the job will be rewarded handsomely.