Fantasy Revolutions LARP: Frost Temple of Zion


Date(s) - 04/03/20 - 04/05/20
All Day


Fantasy Revolutions LARP is a live action role play fantasy steampunk game within CODCON. We will equip you and your party with all you’ll need to play, such as pre-made character classes, armor, boffer weapons, foam dart guns, magical abilities, and more! As you explore our Labyrinth, you will encounter traps, puzzles and live NPCs in interactive combat!

Players must be the age of 13 and up and must sign a waiver with parent or guardian present at all times. Those of ages 18 or older just need to sign a waiver before playing.

The story:
A powerful ice elemental lord named Vortex came into our world and created a city of endless winter within the lands of Gale Valley.
A brash Gnome named Commander Otto Wizzlesmith from the Adventurer Guild took up the task to help defeat and restore the land by Lord Blackstone.  However, he needs your help to sneak into Lord Vortex’s underground ice labyrinth and distract him long enough to have his main force attack the Lord himself!

Are you and your party up to the task?