Downbelow RPG: “Always Watching.”


Date(s) - 04/10/16
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm



When you fall between the cracks of society in the supposedly-utopian future, you end up Downbelow. This cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopian RPG exposes the dark underbelly of a future where human greed still ruins what should be the most prosperous time in history, giving players and GMs the opportunity to re-tell the story of how technology may change, but humans are still human. These are stories of the little people who get caught between the cogs, and struggle not to be crushed, ending up scraping by on the edge of survival and the outside of society. The focus is on Nuevo Paradiso, an artificial island, home to the first of the great space elevators – but no longer the prime economic center it once was, now that more such elevators have been built in better locations. Because it ended up as a sovereign territory in the maneuvering of international politics, more of the population the island’s architects never envisioned it hosting is displaced than in most major cities. Here the cracks are readily apparent; fall through with us and find out what lies between.

“Always Watching”

In a world of ubiquitous public and private surveillance, it should be easy to prove your innocence in a case where you have a clear alibi, shouldn’t it? Except the player characters in this scenario all have something in common: you’ve been arraigned on charges which will have consequences a little more serious than the usual overnight stay with security, and you’re all claiming innocence. But none of the recordings you should be able to use to prove your innocence actually show you, and the prosecution team has video evidence of you at the scene of the crime. Could this be an especially elaborate identity theft? Could you have been made to do these things and your memories somehow altered? Nobody else is helping you out of this, but if you and your fellow accused can help each other, maybe you can avoid being sent to one of the Greater Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere’s infamous work camps.


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