Disaster Rally playtest


Date(s) - 04/09/22
All Day


Welcome to Disaster Rally, the highest rated reality TV show of all time where players will compete for the title of Disaster Rally Champion! You are a contestant, a Rally Driver, who must pilot your vehicle and its passengers through the town of Rally in one or more episodes each inspired by a classic movie disaster. Tsunamis, volcanoes, giant monsters, robots, aliens, and even bassnados (yes, bassnados) await you. Your goal is not necessarily to cross the Finish Line first but to accumulate the most Fame by the end of the episode. You will upgrade your vehicle to gain advantages and cope with the disasters. The other contestants will be trying to outperform you at every turn as well as perhaps tossing a few obstacles in your path. Fame and misfortune await! Drivers to your cars!!

Playtesting will be happening throughout the day. Stop by and play for an hour and let us know how you like the game.