Champions of Talos – CoT06 Culinary Disaster


Date(s) - 04/13/19
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Join us, heroes!
Take on the role of one of the Champions of Talos – individuals of supreme power pulled from across the cosmos and brought together to take on threats that endanger the whole multiverse – and help us save the worlds from certain doom!

Tonight’s adventure: Culinary Disaster!
On the outskirts of a quiet village, a Wizard studies his craft. An unlikely guest changes his life forever. The Wizard and his new friend, the Baker, seek to make the best food by combining magic and cooking. To commemorate their wedding cake they combined half of a extra-planar summoning ritual and half a cake recipe to summon a sweet outsider to be their caterer. But lo, what did appear but, Bathomez the Candy King demon! The demon freed itself from their confectionery bindings and flew off to torment all in the material plane, spreading their bitter-sweet influence across the land, making this a true Culinary Disaster.

A sweets and pun filled adventure for the Champions of Talos, by Ivan Chemerisov and Jake Scheirer

Rules taught, no experience needed.
GM’s: Jake Scheirer, Jessica Scheirer


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