Artemis General Mision


Date(s) - 04/09/16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Ever dream of being on a starship? Or better yet, being the Captain tasked with a mission to eradicate all hostiles in a system? Well, now’s your chance! In this interactive hour long session you’ll have the opportunity to take on one of 6 roles to vanquish the enemy force.

  • Will you be the Helmsman, who does daring maneuvers to give weapons the best chance to take out the enemy?
  • Will you be the weapons engineer who has the power to FIRE PHASERS! LOOSE THE TORPEDOES! or, if you are feeling outgunned, FIRE THE NUKE! all with just a press of a button?
  • Will you be the science officer who is the intelligence center for the whole operation, giving critical Intel to all their crew?
  • Will you be the engineer who makes sure all systems run at peak efficiency while repairing the damage from the nuke weapons just launched at the enemy right next to you?
  • Will you be the Comms officer who will insult the enemy to anger them or demand their surrender?
  • Or will you be the captain, flying this dingy with nothing but a wing and prayer?

Come join this Audio Visual interactive experience!